Great Ways to Make Your Rented Place Feel Like Home

Estate agents in Newcastle can help you pick out the right flat, but it’s up to you to make it feel like home! There are a lot of things you can do to make your newly rented flat feel like home. Mostly, they involve decorating. Here are a few of the top tips to help you move in right.

Get Textiles & Lots of Them

You will want to load up on textiles to make your flat warm and cosy. Go with lots of texture and wool in the winter and change it up for the summer with polished linens. These classy fabrics will lend a bit of a classic and traditional vibe to your place.

Cover the Place in Plants

You really can’t overdo it on plants. Of course, you’re limited by the lighting availability, so just make sure that the plants get enough of that essential. Cactuses, ferns and air plants are for you if you have a bit of a brown thumb. If you’re better with greenery, try violets or forced bulbs for a really homey look.

Go Dramatic with Rugs

Rugs are the difference between a mediocre room and a great one. You should get as large a one as your space can handle. Earthy hues will lend a calming look to your space, while bold colours give it energy and a modern vibe. Dark colours like black or charcoal grey are more classic.

Don’t Skimp on Drapes

Drapes are dramatic. Our letting agents in Newcastle see a lot of standard window dressings when they show flats. Don’t be afraid to put your own up with the landlord’s permission. Often, you can cover a shabby window treatment as long as it’s okay to put up a bar.

Drapes lend a ton of character to any room. They also solidify the colour scheme. Make sure that you love a drape before you put it up, and show your personality! They are a huge statement.

Think about the cut. If you’re more minimalist, go with a Roman blind or a less ruffly drape. Go floor-length and heavy if you like extra drama in your decor.

Lighting Is Everything

Add tons of light to your apartment to turn a house into a home. It makes visiting and the general mood better. There are so many different types of lighting, so make sure that you have lower lights for evenings in and dinners. Save a few really bright lamps, or even track lighting, to highlight art at parties.

Go Bold with Your Artwork

You don’t want to put holes in the wall, but there is something dramatic you can do that is just as well as hanging art. Lean it against the wall. Smaller pieces can sit atop a table, while larger pieces can sit on the floor.

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