How to Prepare your House for Viewings?


Gone are the days when buyers would be content with simply imagining how beautiful and liveable a house could be if they move in. Today, buyers need to be shown how good a house can be, which is why the way you present your house for viewing is crucial.

Here are a few tips to present your house at its best for a viewing.

Make the Exterior Presentable

Keep the surroundings, pathways and driveways clean. Sweep away leaves, garbage, pet waste (if any) and other debris. Have your lawn cleaned and mowed. Remove weeds and keep hedges neat and trimmed.

Check for broken fences, garden furniture, gates and other elements and have them fixed at the earliest opportunity.

Consider giving your front door, windows and garden benches a fresh coat of paint. Add season-appropriate potted plants to your landscape. Doing so will make the exterior look fresh, colourful and inviting.

De-Clutter Your Living Areas

De-cluttering makes your living areas clean and spacious, which is what prospective buyers look for when viewing a house. Go through every room and remove unwanted items. For the best results, start de-cluttering a few months before you put up your property for sale.

Prospective buyers are also keen on inspecting storage spaces. So, de-clutter every cupboard, wardrobe and other storage spaces in every room.

Highlight the Attractive Features of Your Living Areas

Be it your fireplace, kitchen cabinets, built-in wardrobes or bathroom cupboards, ensure that the highly attractive or saleable features of your house attract buyers’ attention instantly.

By highlighting these elements, you encourage the buyers to subconsciously envision the lifestyle they can enjoy in the house. Remove or shift items such as vases and photo frames that can distract their attention.

Ensure that you allow fresh air and sunlight into the house. Bright and fresh interiors are instant impression-makers. Remove obstacles such as heavy furniture that block sunlight.

Ensure that the Kitchen is Clean

Clean and polish countertops, cupboards, appliances and fittings. Keep the sink clean. Remember to empty and clean pet bowls, if any. If the house sale includes any appliances, then ensure that they are clean too.

Keep windows open to let in sunlight and fresh air. It not only brightens the kitchen but also removes unpleasant odours.

Check for Mould in Bathrooms and Toilets

In addition to keeping your bathrooms and toilets spick and span, it is important to get rid of mould in these areas. Replace existing shower and bath sealants if they are ridden with mould.

Clean and polish bathroom and toilet fittings. Check for mounds of toilet papers, medications or other items in the cabinets and clear the surplus. Open the windows to dry up the moisture and remove bad odours.

In Conclusion

As you can see, you don’t have to spend a fortune to prepare your house for viewing. Minor changes can increase the appeal and value of your house.

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