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Newcastle is increasingly becoming popular as the place to move to in the north for a number of reasons. Be it business, infrastructure, retail, education or just a sense of belonging, this city is fast capturing everyone’s imagination in the UK. In fact, it won’t be long before Newcastle regains its erstwhile ‘happiest place to live in the UK’ epithet.

Newcastle is brimming with opportunities. With a history of industrialisation over the decades, the city is poised to be a perfect business centre with both established large businesses as well as new companies.

It goes without saying, a wide range of job vacancies are beckoning people from all over the UK and in some cases, other parts of the world too.

Moving to Newcastle or thinking of doing so soon? Count on Bowson for the best property management services in Newcastle. Here’s our take on why you should consider moving to Newcastle.

Ample Job Opportunities

Newcastle is opening its arms wide to welcome industries and businesses to establish themselves here. This is bringing ample job opportunities in a variety of sectors. The retail, export, manufacturing and shopping sectors are seeing immense growth and giving rise to newer jobs.

Unlimited Investment Prospects

It’s not just investment in office spaces and warehouses that is getting a major boost in Newcastle. There is a surge in retail centres, stores and high-end department stores that is slowly but surely transforming Newcastle into a shopping hub in the north.

Manufacturing and Export

Newcastle’s natural coastline makes it an ideal export hub. But it is not only the sea routes, but air transportation too has increased greatly since the commencement of Emirates service between Newcastle and Dubai.

Manufacturing depots and warehouses are generating jobs with increased frequency and the city is already proud to host companies like Nissan, Hitachi Rail and Siemens Wind Power among the other big names in the manufacturing sector.

If you are keen to be a part of this growing industry, now is the time to make the move. With a little help from Bowson, your reliable letting agents in Newcastle, you can move to your new home in no time.

Living Costs

Although the opportunities to earn in and around Newcastle are increasing by the day, living costs are amazingly within reach here. Setting up a home here and securing your family is now no longer a dream.

Be it restaurants, schools or utilities, you can be assured you will find Newcastle the best place to live in the North East.

Property Prices and Rentals

With so much happening right now in Newcastle, investment and rental properties are in great demand. However, it is a great respite that property prices here are still under the national average.

A city centre average one-bedroom flat will cost you about £580 while a one-bedroom flat in the suburbs will set you back by £400.

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