Moving Your Utilities into Your New Home

Excited about moving into a new home? Be it rented or your own place, before you move in, you need to make sure the utility services are all in place. Sorting out services such as internet, electricity and gas can save you a lot of headache even as you settle down in your new home.

Moving into a new home can be pretty stressful. Before you approach estate agents in Newcastle, make a list of things and services you will need to move to your new residence.

Worried that moving to a new home will affect the internet services you are so used to? Talk to your letting agents in Newcastle about your current broadband services and let them know you want to continue with the same or switch to another in the new area. Being clear about what you want can pretty much make it convenient for your agent as well as you when it comes to moving homes.

New Home, Old Furniture

Even as you contemplate hiring a moving service to transport your furniture to the new home, you must keep in mind a few things.

Most of the furniture in your existing home is synchronised with the utility lines. From electricity to gas to power, if your new home has the same layout as your old home, you don’t have to worry much. You can utilise the same furniture.

However, if your new home has a layout that is quite different, you need to think about which furniture you would want to leave behind.

There is no point lugging furniture that you won’t find useful in your new home.

Internet Service for Your New Home

Most broadband providers are only too happy to continue to provide you with their services even if you move to another location. It is almost as simple as moving your furniture from the old place to the new one.

Almost all broadband service providers including BT, PlusNet, Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin Media have varied broadband deals for existing and new contracts.

Be sure to inform your internet service provider about your intention to change location. Give them at least a week or two’s notice or more in case of certain broadband providers. You need to provide them with your username, move date and the new address. You also need to inform them if you need a new line.

You may have to shell out extra if you want to change to a new plan.

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