Signs that it’s Time to Move in Together

Moving in with your partner can be a big step in your relationship. However, moving in jointly can prove quite a challenge and disastrous if you take the step without careful consideration.

Are you seriously considering moving in with your beau? There are some telltale signs which indicate that it could be time to move in. So, before you go looking for estate agents in Newcastle, look for these signs to make sure you are ready to take the next step.

Signs that its time to move in together:

  • You are candid about your finances – You may feel uncomfortable talking or discussing money. But when you’re staying together, you should be willing to talk about finances. Not being candid about expenses could lead to unnecessary rifts that could be easily avoided.  
  • You have cohabited before – If you have spent many nights together several times in the past, you already have a hang of it. So, you are mentally prepared to take the decision.
  • You know each other – Have you got used to your partner leaving the door while sleeping? Does your sweetheart know that you sleep with your pet in bed? Being aware of each other’s habits and peculiarities will make the going easier when living together.
  • You have decided to share the rent and expenses – It could be that you are earning much more than your partner or vice versa. So, have you decided to share rent in proportion to your salary? Have both of you already contacted letting agents in Newcastle to buy or rent a home? Have you chalked out a plan for sharing other living expenses besides rent?

Benefits of moving in together:

  • You get to live with the person you love.
  • Your partner doubles up as your best friend and roommate.
  • You save on rent and utilities.
  • You also save commuting time and money.
  • You’re more committed when you stay together.
  • It’s easier and cheaper to prepare meals for two.

Things to discuss before moving in:

  • Space – Do you a want a separate bathroom for yourself? Do you require a separate room to work from home?
  • Your House – Do you wish to rent or buy? Do you prefer a specific location?
  • Housekeeping – Will you do all the housekeeping or split the tasks?
  • Rent and Utilities – Are you going to split rent and utilities 50:50 or share them on the basis of your salaries?
  • Finances – Will you maintain separate accounts or pool your resources? Do you earn enough to pay for your personal expenses?

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