When’s the Best Time to Move Home?

Moving home can be highly stressful. One way to reduce the stress is to consider moving during the best time of the season. Although summer, winter and spring bring their own sets of challenges, you could pick a season that suits you the most.

Moving Home in Summer

Most people prefer moving during the summer months. According to Compare My Move, about 29% of people moved homes in the months of June, July and August in 2017. There are several reasons why summer is the best time:

  • Dependable weather
  • Long sunny days
  • The kids are on a summer break. So, they don’t have to lose their current school year midway. They get enough time to settle in their new home and start a new year at their new school.

Book your removal company at the earliest if you decide to move during summer. Given that it’s a peak season, people rush to book reliable companies sooner.

Moving Home in Spring

About 22% of moving happened in Spring in 2017, according to Compare My Move data.

The weather is usually mild – not freezing cold or snowing, and therefore, safe and comfortable for moving.

Given that spring is an off-season, leading removal companies will be available readily. You could also negotiate with them and get a deep discount.

Since spring is not that busy a month, you won’t have to rush to book your removal service. If you have a date in mind, you could have the company schedule the move accordingly instead of agreeing to a date offered by the movers.

Moving in the spring is also a great idea if you are not hiring a removal service. This way, you’ll have plenty of access to good rental vans during the off-season.

Moving Home in Winter

Only 21% of home-moving activity took place in winter, in 2017, according to Compare My Move data.

Winter is not a favourite season for moving home thanks to the unpleasant weather. The days are short, and the biting cold discourages people from wanting to leave the warmth and safety of their homes.

Moreover, the extreme weather and snowy roads pose the risk of accidents. Pathways can be slippery, which increases the risk of slip-and-fall accidents.

Adding to the discomfort is the question of the safety of the items you are transporting. Extreme cold may not be favourable for some of the items you are carrying. You may have to take extra care during packing.

Despite the risks, winter can deliver some undeniable benefits. Since it is an off-season, you can be sure of getting very attractive deals from removal companies. You can even hire top removal services with highly experienced people for the job.

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